THE 20: Freeman Dre

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I know absolutely nothing about hockey, but apparently the Toronto Maple Leafs (full name), are in serious need of a win tonight. Ok? Ok.

So, hockey fan or not – in the spirit of the game that traditionally defines us as Canadian; the Leafs being back in the Stanley Cup race for the first time in eight years (yep, did some hockey googling), and in fond, fond memory of Stompin’ Tom – you need to listen to Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party (if you haven’t already).  The Toronto-based band wrote a song.  This song is about hockey. This song is specifically about the Leafs. This song is fucking catchy – even for myself who only knows of one five hole, and it’s not in reference to a hockey net.

Check it here.

On Freeman Dre, from Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party, I have more. I recently asked him THE 20 questions, and he kindly answered them.  Here we go. (Drum roll, please.) THE 20 with Freeman Dre.

Name: Freeman Dre
Band: Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party
CIty: Toronto

1. White tee or black tee? Black T

2. Tacos or fajitas? Fajitas

3. What was the first concert you attended? AC/DC, 1991, my mom took me, it was great but she hated it, bless her Neptune heart.

4. What’s your go-to song to sing in the shower? Probably whatevers stuck in my head. Certain songs have a way of fastening themselves to your brain.

5. Do you have a pre-show ritual? Nothing special. The same as everyone, I pack up my instrument, go to the venue, set-up, order a beer, say my greetings to folks I know, and get up and play.

6. Most memorable show you’ve played? I’ve been lucky to play a lot of memorable shows, for different reasons too. .. It’s truly hard to say. Some stick in my memory because they were great musically, the band was really tight, or the sound was wonderful … then there are shows where I can see people get emotional in response to some of my sad or more sentimental tunes; that connection always sticks with me… and then, of course there are shows that are funny or memorable because of things that happened during or after. For example, when Marlon, who missed dinner, ate an offering of homemade cookies from a fan before a show, and realized halfway through the set that they were made with weed or shrooms or something, in the middle of a song he drops to the floor, crawls over to me and Lonny on the other side of the stage and whispers “take me to the hospital”… we figured it out, he ended up being just fine, sobered up pretty quickly actually, but I’ll probably never forget that moment. I guess, sometimes it’s a performance, or a crowd reaction that is powerful, but also sometimes it’s just the antics of a night or a tour that really create the memory.

7. Favourite song right this second? Sam Hall

8. Last book you read? A Little History Of The World – by Gombrich

9. East coast or west coast? and why? East coast, unquestionably. Not only because it’s where I’m from – It’s the history of my North America – Irish + Polish = land in the Maritimes, migrate to my favorite cities Montreal + New York + Toronto = me – but also I think the east coast has a vibe much different than the west. Cooler. Grittier. Older. Wiser.

10. Longest road trip you’ve ever taken – where were you headed? I’ve driven to Nelson, BC and back. That was a long drive. Canada’s awesome, it’s huge and there’s no one around.

11. What’s one song that reminds you of a past-breakup? None really.

12. Current band crush? I like Langhorne Slim & the Law; I don’t want to crush them though.

13. Favourite magazine? Uncut, UK

14. What’s your choice drink before hitting the bed? Water

15. Last song you sang at karaoke? Wonderful World

16. Records, downloads, or both? Records

17. One musician dead or alive that you would like to have a drink with? Levon Helm

18. Music career highlight? Band mates turning into best friends.

19. Favourite superhero? Captain Carrot (that’s a real thing)

20. Where am I most likely to find you at 2pm on a Sunday? These days, probably in the park, it’s so nice out.  Where will you be?

See them: Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party – Friday, May 17 – Cameron House, Toronto

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